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We expect the following phenomena to occur: This study contributes to research on brand extension in several ways. Also, this is an easier way to compete with the competitors.

Why Some Brand Extensions Are Brilliant and Others Are Just Awkward

Bottomley and Holden followed with research on how attitudes for brand extensions are formed; Bridges et al. Consumers may link the related brand knowledge to the brand name, which finally constitutes brand equity Aaker, This can also lower the cost and provide easier chances for the new product when entering into the market.

Firstly, brand awareness is crucial for a company to communicate the attributes that follow with the brand.

Brand Extension

Thus, we can conclude that: According to Tauberthe economic as well as the business world, is now a cost controlled and Brand extension essay based world.

Brand association can provide the basis for an extension Aaker, As specific case study is used to find observations and to analyze and generalize the findings comparing to theoretical overview, deductive research approach is going to be employed through this study.

The positioning of the new product should be close to the parent brand to realize synergy effects, otherwise, risks might appear Carolin, The factors that help a company to fulfill successful brand extension will be analyzed. But they usually cost a lot of time and money. One day in hospital essay One day in hospital essay essay about animals endangered pictures exploring writing paragraphs and essays terrorism essay words for kindergarten pact of Brand extension essay analysis essay tetra c2c critique essay statoil bressay water depth in gulf alessandro dissertation writing high fructose corn syrup and obesity essay hook mahaweli river essays, aeropostale manager interview essay shopping on the internet advantages and disadvantages essays distributional meaning lexicology essay essay on social problems in nepal en module 6 essay 23 ducksters ww1 causes essay.

Whilst, secondary data is more economical, as the cost of collecting original data is saved Rajendar, The data of Yamaha history and marketing performance has been reorganized and summarized. Meanwhile, a qualitative research emphasizes more on the words the respondents use and leaves more freedom to the answers of the respondents.

Consequently, once the brand extension is failed, the image of the parent brand will surely suffer from negative influence. From all the literatures listed above, it is expected that a company might confront both challenges and opportunities when implementing brand extension strategy.

An inappropriate brand extension could create damaging associations that may be very difficult for a company to overcome Kim and Lavack, Some researchers argue that brand extension can dilute the parent brand while new brand may fail to fulfill the needs of consumers as a whole Roedder, Barbara and Christopher, ; Keller, ; Xie, For low fit extensions, priming attribute similarities will have a moderate positive effect on the brand extension evaluation.

The positioning of the new product should be close to the parent brand to realize synergy effects, otherwise, risks might appear Carolin, Good advertising makes great contribution to the development of brand products. In the world of cash, one of the greatest profits everybody wants to seek is economic benefit.

Loken and John describe several models. Mike lofgren essay Mike lofgren essay essay spongebob meme chocolate los santos vs los angeles comparison essay china centre for energy economics research papers workplace ethics essay tarnetar fair essays wahrscheinlichkeitsbaum beispiel essay essay of sociology, dissertation etre soi meme essay for environment conservation advertisement ron chan illustration essay women empowerment essay in malayalam language history.

Brand can be produced, just like any product, by the company Karin, Line extension has been discussed in many studies of plenty of scholars Ina, ; Kim and Sullivan, ; Kim and Mary, ; Rise, while compare to line extension, category extension does not cause such attentions.

The qualitative method makes use of text in writing and is more interpretive in its nature. Brand equity can be defined differently by different approaches: Additionally, the well-known piano producer, Yamaha, also stretches its brand and enters into motorbike industry.

They both stretch their business into other different fields compared to the parent brand. We should also not ignore the fact that due to increased international trade, and the plentitude of new brands, products and services offered, the minds of the consumers are constantly subjected to new information.

Pitta and Katsanis define it as extending a parent brand to a new product in the same product class or to a product which is completely new for the company. Aaker convinces that loyalty demands a long term strategy from the company perspective to position and presents the brand as a necessary ally in the mind set of consumers.

Repeated exposure to an ad stimulus improved the overall evaluations of the extension Lane It is acquiesce that the parent brand is a famous brand when implementing brand extension. In a word, it is very important for managers to know how to reduce the risk of brand extension in order to achieve success.

The reasoning is conducted from the more general to the more specific and the conclusion follows logically from available facts. The quantitative method is characterized by many respondents and uses figures and quantities to describe the reality.

Brand extensions are one of the most popular strategies for many firms to leverage brand equity (Monga & John, ; Tom, Kelly & Ravi, ). Zara as one of the world’s most successful fast fashion brand (FFB) retailers has applied brand extension into its brand development.

Brand Extension Success Factors Essay - Brand extension success factors Problem definition and objectives In a highly competitive environment, organizations are convinced that the launch of new products in order to stratify the need of consumers can lead to an increase the success of a company.

In brand extension research, the concept has been proven “to activate dormant attributes which the parent and extension category have in common” (Pryor and Brodie,p.

) as reported by Chakravarti et al. () who investigated brand name extension strategies and Johnson () who looked at consumers' similarity judgements.

This assignment is based on brand extension area of brand management. The chief objective of this research study is to examine the concept of brand extension, merits and potential risk of brand extension. Brand extension can be defined as ‘the use of an established brand name on a new brand within the same broad market or product category’ by Jobber () and as stated by Choi, et al () a typical definition is ‘the use of an established brand name to enter new product categories or classes’.

Marketing Plan: Developing Strong Brands Essay Words | 3 Pages. Unit 4: Marketing Plan – Developing Strong Brands Marketing Strategy Positioning This product was designed to help give our consumers the boost of energy they need without the .

Brand extension essay
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