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The energy can be lost in a variety of ways which are the limitations.

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Investigating a ski-jump essay can be used to stick the carbon paper in place as well. They can be resolved into horizontal and vertical components. I would need to decide which point on the curve track I should release the ball.

As h2 gets bigger, the time it takes the metal ball to travel in the air is longer and therefore, a longer distance should be travelled. I will make sure there are no breakable objects around because the metal ball will bounce for a distance before it stops.

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Investigating a ski-jump essay helps to provide uniform acceleration for the vertical component. Furthermore, I would take a much larger range of results to provide a more reliable end result, taking fairness of the experiment into account much more seriously.

This will be the point where I release it everytime. In this investigation, I have taken account the h2 as my variable and all other factors are being fixed. The displacement, velocity and acceleration of the projectile are all vectors. I will release the ball in different heights in order to estimate the landing location of the metal ball.

So far what I have predicted is based on theory and calculations. However, due to the error bars being so small, it will be very difficult to show these 3 lines together. I will change the height of the drop landing area after I repeat each of the level for 5 times.

More essays like this: More essays like this: From the results it is also seen that there are other factors that affect the range as the gradient was smaller than expected.

Using the sand tray is not a good idea because the metal ball rolls on the tray after it hits the sand and created more then one mark for me to measure and it is very inaccurate.

I will release the ball at the highest point of the track. This is because of the inaccuracy of the equipment, measurement and limitations air resistance. It can provide more evidence for me to investigate the actual horizontal distance traveled.

However, it is hard to make the same object slide and roll down at the same time. This is the reason that makes the line on the graph bend slightly. It can change h2 effectively and reduce the percentage error to the very limit. Figure 2 shows the projectile path of the metal ball in an ideal and real world: This can also help to keep the initial velocity leaving the ramp the same.

However, for results taken at around cm, the time it takes the metal ball to land is almost the same, therefore air resistance only have a small effect. A table and graph will also be produced in the end.

It is the motion in the air and the range that the skier travels we are concerned with. I can use object that slides or rolls down. This can also help to keep the initial velocity leaving the ramp the same.

Assuming air resistance is ignored, I believe the only difference between rolling and sliding is the initial velocity produced.

Investigating an aspect of physics that is relevant to ski jumping.

I will also repeat the experiment for 5 times to calculate the average. Percentage error I will take the maximum result of the range and calculate the percentage error based on the uncertainty values.

Therefor the range of values for Therefore in the absence of air resistance, I believe that the graph produced would be a straight line.

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This will be discussed in more detail in evaluation. However, the percentage at which the graphs agree to this equation is: In order to make sure that the end of the ramp is placed horizontally, I will clamp a ruler on the side of the table and the tip of the ruler will prevents the ramp moving forward.

It also proves that air resistance is a big limiting factor. This was not counted for when doing the experiment and therefore has some affect on the results. Tapes can be used to stick the carbon paper in place as well.

This is the reason why the computer-generated graph cannot shows the error bars clearly.

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Essay about Bergisel Ski Jump - Bergisel Ski-Jump The wondrous architect Zaha Hadid was born on October 31, in Baghdad, Iraq. Zaha went to Great Britain for higher education and studied under Elia Zenghelis and Rem Koolhaas.

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The Bio Mechanics of a Ski Jump Among others, biomechanics is an important factor in winning or losing an event in ski jumping.

Low body weights, aerodynamic qualities of the equipments in use in addition to the natural abilities of the athlete are the critical aspects that influence performance in a particular ski jumping event. Investigating a Ski Jump Essay - Investigating a Ski Jump Background Knowledge: I will use formulas in the prediction to predict what will happen.

The main formulas I will use will be Loss of potential energy = mgh m=mass g=gravity h=height Ek =1/2mv² Ek= kinetic energy v=velocity In the experiment the ball bearing will begin with potential energy. The author of this essay explores what obesity is and who it affects, as well as exploring what pressures the huge prevalence of this illness is putting upon society and the human body.

Review of the Biomechanics of a Ski Jump. 4 pages ( words), Research Paper. From previous investigations, a number of theories have been put. English 3 ap synthesis essay examples AP® English Language and Composition Synthesis Essay Sample Student Responses The College Board: Connecting Students to College Success The College Board is a.

Find this Pin and more on AP Lang by Kellie Guild. The physics of ski jumping W. Müller Department of Biophysics, Medical University of Graz, Austria 1 Introduction The Olympian ideal of going faster, jumping further and leaping higher than the opposition is .

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