Pencil by 53 writing a cover

Pencil augments each of them with improved accuracy, finer controls, and a sort of intelligence that reduces unwanted marks — allowing you to rest your wrists on the screen as you work. Not sure if this is a common occurrence or a symptom of me pressing too hard on the tip.

Use your finger to smudge the pixels. Color reproduction is good, and the textures created by the watercolor paint brush are a little thick, but realistic. Then gradually begin pulling trees into the water by dragging your finger slowly.

Pencil by FiftyThree is Still the Best Stylus for Paper

How to improve blends The temptation is really high to abuse the Blend feature in Paper — especially after learning about all these awesome effects. The first app to use the SDK was Procreate, which just so happens to be my second in command behind Paper.

How speed affects the smudges you make. When done correctly the water should look almost dreamlike with a uniform blur across the entire plane.

So many possibilities… Pencil by FiftyThree Review. Dark edge is on the top and progressively fades down into the canvas. If you find Paper mistakenly smudging as you draw, switching to Nothing is a great way to prevent that.

Surface Pressure Expressive from every angle.


In combination with Surface Pressure you can get into tight to erase spots with ease — something that is impossible to do without Pencil. Blending shapes into glowing objects. In my tests, it seems as if the placement of the darker edge is determined by the angle of the stroke.

How does blending work in Paper. Sure a ton of other art apps have smudging and blending tools, but they all break the creative flow in their implementations. Simulate fire and flames By alternating between quick blends and slow smudges you can create realistic looking flames and fire.

Is the tip durable. Moving your finger slowly allows the pixels beneath to be pulled and pushed around like finger-paints. Now you could be meticulous with your color choices and purposely mix gray and blue as you paint to get a similar effect.

The pencil is also good, but the fountain pen as well as the wide and narrow markers in Paper look very digitized. What makes Pencil so unique and special.

FiftyThree Pencil

Rest your hand on the screen, write from any angle. Even better, by working digitally you avoid any of the mess from handling a stick of charcoal. Instead of stopping to open the tool tray, selecting the eraser, removing your mistake, and going back to a drawing tool — you now can flip Pencil on its head and erase instantly.

Thankfully FiftyThree put the engineering effort into Paper and Pencil to alleviate these issues — specifically related to palm rejection.

Mar 25,  · The 53 pencil has an eraser on the end which is a great feature. The Apple pencil cost twice as much as the 53 pencil, but I'd like it better.

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If you are on a budget, get the 53 pencil, but if you want the best, get the Apple pencil. FiftyThree builds tools for creativity. They are the makers of Paper, the immersive sketching app for getting ideas down and Paste, the fastest way for teams to share and gather around their ideas.

Pencil by 53 is one of the most gorgeous yet functional stylus in the market. My only complaint would be the tip which tends to wear out quickly if you are a heavy user like me (4 - 6 hours usage a day). Find great deals on eBay for pencil by Shop with confidence. I just bought Pencil 53 and am having the same problem in OneNote on the iPad.

Flip the pencil to erase (awesome,) then flip back to pencil and it will redo what was just erased. OneNote needs to be updated to correct this issue.

Dec 15,  · Pencil by 53 with palm rejection on. This feature is not available right now.

Crafted for creativity.

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Pencil by 53 writing a cover
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